Coyote Tooth Trickster Talisman

I ran into a snag on a larger project and, as usual, ended up running through a couple smaller projects just to keep my hands busy.

Coyote tooth with drilled hole
10mm aluminum jump ring
Small aluminum stamp charm
Tejas Leather craft lace
Lightning bolt metal stamp
Jewelry pliers
Sharpie pen, black

This simple grouping comes courtesy of my friend Tracy (Geek Girl Gourmet and She Is Stranger Than Fiction), who gifted me the coyote tooth as part of a talisman bag last December. Old Man Coyote is a favorite of both of ours. The lightning-stamped charm is a replica of the one I made for my Tara and Thor pendant last month. As well as Thor, lightning is associated with another great trickster: Prometheus, who stole fire from Zeus’ lightning and gifted it to humans, sowing innovation and creation.

Once the charm was stamped, I used the Sharpie pen to accent the lines (a tip I picked up from beaducation’s You Tube channel). Once the charm was finished, I used the pliers to group them together on the jump ring, close the ring and string it onto the length of craft lace.

Quick and easy and gave me enough energy to start wrapping up my other projects…

~ by blackmoodcraft on May 8, 2013.

One Response to “Coyote Tooth Trickster Talisman”

  1. Love it!!!! I knew you’d find something spiffy to do with the coyote tooth! 🙂

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