Sunshine Award from Sheilagh G. Lee

I skipped Twitter for a couple weeks and came back to find the very talented writer (and generally awesome person) Sheilagh G. Lee had nominated me along with Bert Carson, Carolyn Arnold, Larry Enright, Henry Leland, Tiffany King, Patti Roberts, Siobhan Muir, Susan H. Gottfried and Mimi Barbour for this award. Thanks, Sheilagh!

Favorite Color: Red and black.

Favorite Animal: I’ve got quite a few. These days, it’s otters. Their sense of play and wonder is gorgeous.

Favorite Number: “9.” It seems to follow me. Ironically, this was also my number on Sheilagh’s nomination list…

Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink: Coffee. I went caffeine-free for 18 months once (another 9, look at that). NEVER AGAIN.

Facebook or Twitter: I’m on Facebook more because that’s how I touch base with a lot of people I’m not fortunate enough to see everyday, while Twitter is more for promoting blog posts and projects.

Your Passion: Reading, writing, crafting, (recently) cooking, finding new things to try and new ways to keep my hands busy.

Giving or getting presents: Giving.

Favorite Day: October 31

Favorite Flowers: Wildflowers. I grew up in a house with a huge backyard where my father was smart enough to let the vegetation take over — cosmos, honeysuckle, goldenrod, wild violets, larkspur, lavender. If a swift breeze sweeps through and throws a puff of ONE of these flowers my way, I feel like I’m home.

My nominations: A lot of them are friends of mine. Most of them are writers and artists. They’re all incredibly smart, incredibly funny, tolerate no nonsense.

1) Tracy Leigh Henry – @Wolfsheart9: Writer, blogger, trickster enthusiast and AMAZING cook.

2) Jeffrey Ricker – @rickerje: Writer, blogger, wit, all-around awesome person.

3.) Lindsay Branca – @witty_retort: Writer, snark mistress, Jayne Cobb fan.

4.) Kaitlin Sullivan – @ALBGinger: Writer, blogger, improv artist, fashionista.

5.) d – @lilnerdette: Writer, speculative fiction fan, fantastic conversationalist.

6.) trillary clinton – @filthycharm: Writer, nerd, jokester, Chipolte fiend.

7.) Leiram – @MissLenariel: Writer, teacher, excellent role model, fangirl.

8.) Katherine Hall – @katherine_hall1: Fantasy writer, cat owner, the best person to have in a writing group.

9.) Rori! – @Roricomics: Writer, artist, fantastically funny.

10.) Lindsay Beaton – @LJo83: Writer, editor, crafter,

11.) Angie – Blogger, bibliophile, someone who understands.

12.) Kathy – Blogger, crafter, bento box artist.

If you want to join in the fun, and continue the process, the rules are to:
(1) Thank the person who gave you the award in your blog post.
(2) Complete the Q&A below in your blog post.
(3) Pass on the award to 10-12 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.


~ by blackmoodcraft on May 23, 2013.

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