“Quiet! Star Trek is on.” Embroidered Pillow

Whenever new friends visit my place, they usually notice two things: the size of the place (I am a hobbit and I live in a hobbit hole, what can I say?) and the amount of geeky detritus and objects d’art covering almost every wall and flat surface. My Star Trek embroidered pillow always gets a lot of praise — I think in part because people can see its age and know it didn’t originally belong to me (it was a gift from my godmother to my parents after they moved into their first home) and that single piece of evidence of a geek household confirms my bona fidas for anyone who might have lingering doubts.

I’d had a few people ask if I could make a duplicate for them and, Star Trek: Into Darkness still on the brain (for angry, feminist reasons as well as happy), I decided to give it a shot.

Metallic silver embroidery floss
Light beaver grey embroidery floss
Dark pewter grey embroidery floss
Red embroidery floss
Orange embroidery floss
Light yellow embroidery floss
Mustard yellow embroidery floss
Pale blue embroidery floss
14 count cross stitch cloth
Approx. 10″ Black glitter 1/4″ ribbon
Tapestry needle
Scrap denim

The first thing I wanted was a re-do of the ship for the new template. The idea for the top view of the Enterprise came from my good friend, Matt Klose, who was kind enough to draw up a stencil for me to use. I scanned the image, uploaded it and used Photobucket to reduce the size of the image to a suitable size for the project.

Once the image was finished, I used my laptop screen as a light box to trace the ship onto the cross stitch cloth with my pencil. Once the outline was done, I had some room just outside where the light grey stitches were going to fall and decided to fill it with the metallic silver to highlight the ship.

The star field and planets were easily improvised and I elected to throw in a couple orange cross stitches on the red planet to approximate the striped-wash appearance of many of the planets we saw the Enterprise orbiting in the original series.

Once the stitching was done, I cut out a piece of scrap denim aggregate to the size of the cross stitch cloth. I traced out a “window” to fit the pattern on the denim and, facing the denim and pattern reverse-sides out, I used the needle and button thread to sew three of the four sides together.

Next, I used the button thread to sew on the length of black glitter ribbon (folded 1/4″ at the ends) to either corner of the denim. After, I flipped the pattern right side out, filled it with polyfill and stitched up the top.

I am ridiculously pleased with how this turned out. And the extra bit of good news: it was a pre-order. So if my customer likes it and I get enough requests, I’ll be making a few more.


~ by blackmoodcraft on May 29, 2013.

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