A Work in Progress: “Inspired Nerd” Embroidered T-shirt Hoodie

I have a slightly irrational fear of short sleeves. To give you an idea of how much — I used to wear my leather motorbike jacket 365 days a year. When my increased mobility and the summer heat of Chicago started making this a trying task, I switched to hoodies and lightweight cardigans. This year, I got a lightweight t-shirt zip hoody from Target to help me keep cool while refusing to walk around with bare arms. And, because I like to keep my hands busy, I started customizing it as soon as I got it home.

I started by blinging out the hood with some helpful tips from Minature Rhino. Simple blanket stitch, metallic silver embroidery floss, went a long way toward setting off the gray (and my red hair underneath the hood).

Next, I found a great idea on Design Sponge for embroidering words. Though instead of “luck,” I elected to go with a semi-fannish, semi-tricksterish word that can either mean much the same thing or something vastly different (depending on where your circumstances and allegiances lie):

Rather than use a professional font for my first try, I wrote the word out in script and used it as a visual template. Probably not something I’ll do again, but still very happy with the outcome.

In keeping with the Marvel theme, I decided to try my hand at Captain America’s shield next — a tall order for someone who can’t draw a circle. As difficult as they were, the circles ended up being a lot easier than creating a star, which I tried to get straight multiple times before cutting the stitches and pulling it all out. I might try again at a later time.

In keeping with my Norse mythology, I also decided to do a couple runes, starting with the thuriaz (or ‘thorn’) rune on the inside of my left sleeve cuff. Simple back stitch in the same cranberry floss as the outer rings of Cap’s shield.

So far, so good. I may add a few more designs as the months go on, but I’m content to take this one a little slowly. I’ve got all summer to work on it after all!

~ by blackmoodcraft on June 2, 2013.

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