Red Dwarf Hologram Pendant (Set of 3)

If you don’t get my Red Dwarf references, we can’t be friends. And if you don’t get my Red Dwarf and Vladimir Nabokov references, we really can’t be friends (don’t be looking at me on the street, Mr. Wrigleyville, cover your Cubs shirt in shame and keep walking). If you don’t like Arnold Rimmer, well I hope you can still appreciate this set of 3 pendants I made this past weekend, in honor of the neurotic hologram’s plethora of fashion forward uniforms.

Three 1″ x 1″ wood craft squares
Three 7mm anodized aluminum jump rings
18″ silver ball chain with closure
Silver hologram sticker sheet
Royal Court decoupage sealer/adhesive
“Blue Sapphire” acrylic craft paint
“Engine Red” acrylic craft paint
“Metallic Champagne” acrylic craft paint
Craft Smart yellow acrylic craft paint
1″ craft brush
Tapestry needle
Sewing needle
Jewelry pliers

Over the course of ten series, Rimmer goes through several outfits. The “colorful” period honored here began with Howard Burden’s work on series 3, when he switched the character from his pre-death Jupiter Mining Corp uniform into his green “Captain Emerald” gear, designed to denote his status as a hologram.

After Captain Emerald, we got the red uniform and, by the time of series 6, we got the blue uniform to illustrate the character’s switch between his “soft light” (intangible, can walk through walls) state and his “hard light” state (tangible, can touch things and work the navigational computer, plus super-durability and strength that enables him to crumple enamel drinking cups without breaking all his fingers).

I’ve been making pendants from these Woodsies craft squares for a while and I’ve perfected the method of using a tapestry needle to create a hole for the jump ring and to prop up the square while the paint and decoupage sealer dries.

The other signature of Rimmer’s character is the “H” on his forehead, denoting his status as the ship’s hologram. Like the uniform, the “H” has gone through several variations. Because of the size of the hologram paper I was using and the fine tip scissors, I decided to go with the blocky shape of the “H” from series 1 and 2, while the hologram paper mimicked the effect of the “H” in series 3 and 4.

Once the paint on each pendant was dry, I fixed the “H” into place, approximately in the center of the square. Once the “H” was in place, I used the craft brush to apply the decoupage sealer on both sides, adding a pinch of glitter (because I can’t stay away from the stuff and, if you don’t overdo it, it’s gorgeous). Once the decoupage was dry, I removed the needle, tripped off any excess paint around the hole and used the jewelry pliers to insert and close the jump ring.

All in all, I’m pleased with how this turned out and think it’s quite worthy of my favorite Dwarfer. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on June 23, 2013.

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