Loki Bottle Cap Pendant

Anyone who reads this blog enough knows I love my neighborhood. My local post office is another story. It has been voted one of the worst in the nation several years in a row — with good reason. I had a Christmas package from my mother go missing back in December and, this past April, the birthday package I put together for my dear friend, Tracy (writer of Geek Girl Gourmet and She Is Stranger Than Fiction) went missing. Fortunately, virtually everything was replaceable and, to make up for the trouble, I decided to make one more item to go along with the others.

Loki image
Heineken bottle cap
Charles Shaw wine cork (3mm slice)
Recollections “black and grey damask” scrapbook paper
20″ ball chain with clasp
7mm anodized aluminum jump ring
Royal Court decoupage adhesive/sealer
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic epoxy
Rotary tool with drill bit
Transparent packaging tape
Silver hologrammatic paper
Craft brush
Jewelry pliers

Having completed my Hannibal bottle cap pendant, the process or drilling a hole for the jump ring, slicing and filing the cork, and finding and cutting out the appropriate background paper was a cinch (as was picking Heinecken to be Loki’s frame, because of its’ green interior). The difficulty came from finding an image of Loki that was clear, detailed and would remain so when reduced.

The image I found was a crop from the original Marvel photo stills for Avengers. I opened the image (orig 800 x 486 megapixels) in Paintbox, reduced it to 15 percent and printed it out. Once the image was printed and the ink was dry, I covered both sides with transparent packaging tape and rounded off the edges so the image would fit inside the frame of the bottle cap.

Once the cork, scrapbook paper and main image were fixed in place, I cut out a small diamond of hologrammatic paper 1) to set off the main image and 2) to create an image that was reminiscent of the staff in the film. Once all pieces were in place, I filled the frame with the epoxy and let it sit for three hours.

I just mailed this little goody out today! I hope you like it, Tracy ๐Ÿ™‚

~ by blackmoodcraft on July 19, 2013.

One Response to “Loki Bottle Cap Pendant”

  1. Oh that’s awesome! I’ll have to wear him to work. *g* Though I’ve taken the Avengers cup to work twice this week with ice water, and even the geekish boy who’s my supervisor hasn’t said anything. >_< But I will be looking for the package. If I find out that the package is in on a day I can't get over to the office, I might ask a neighbor to pick it up for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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