“The TARDIS Loves the Circle K” Embroidered Pillow

My answer to one person’s request for more Doctor Who crafts and Tracy’s request for Bill and Ted embroidery.

14 count antique white cross stitch cloth
Scrap 8 oz. canvas
Dark pewter cotton embroidery floss
Light beaver grey cotton embroidery floss
Red cotton embroidery floss
Dark midnight blue embroidery floss
Medium cornflower blue embroidery floss
Antique white embroidery floss
“Celebrate it” holiday black glitter

Thanks to the jerk who stole my phone at the Addison red line stop two weeks ago, the early design photos of this project are lost. But I did my best to document the latter half of the process.

Tracing the outline for the TARDIS and the Circle K phone booths was easy. I started with the Circle K — working from a couple artist’s renderings of the shapes and colors — tracing out an initial outline that was 10 x 20 stitches. From there, I was able to pencil in the details of the booth and adjust the size and details for the TARDIS.

The caption is a cheeky poke at the fandom community — because, occasionally, we DO ‘ship actual ships (not often though, and not usually over the age of thirteen or so).

Once the design was complete, I turned the design over to face the side if the canvas I wanted facing out once completed. I sewed up three of the sides and trimmed off the excess canvas and cross stitch cloth.

I cut a small length of the ribbon (approx. 10″, taking the loop into account), looped a knot at the center, and stitched the two ends to outside-facing (interior) section of the canvas. I then stitched up the top, leaving a small portion open, flipped the pillow inside out, filled it with poly fill and sewed up the top.

I am loving how the time traveling love machines turned out. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on August 2, 2013.

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