Wrapped Wire Spiral Ring

A month and a half ago, I sold Prudence, my stalwart Chevy Cobalt. Before the buyer came to pick her up, I had to clean a year and half’s worth of storage/detritus off the back seat. When I was digging, I ended up finding a wire basket of presents I inherited from a game of “White Elephant Gift Exchange” at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party, which contained a collection of Post-It Notes, several pastel sequins belts, and a roll of 18 gauge anodized aluminum wire. I decided to go peeking around on my craft blogs and see what I could find.

18 gauge anodized aluminum wire
Large funnel
Wire cutters
Jewelry pliers

The entry I eventually landed on was at PZ Designs, who were generous enough to link to the design of their first, simple spiral ring over at Instructables.

Not owning a ring mandrel, I looked around my home to find the best approximation, which turned out to be a large funnel in my kitchen. I wrapped the wire around the mid-point which seemed closest to my ring size (8 for my ring finger, 9 for my middle finger) and followed the instructions for creating the spiral.

The one modification I ended up making was wrapping the wire one time around before creating the spiral and then looping the double band around once the spiral was created and trimming the ends at the bottom of the ring.

This entire project took less than ten minutes to create. Looking forward to making many more of them!

~ by blackmoodcraft on August 6, 2013.

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