Magnolia Flower Crown

Being a “fannibal,” I was glued to pretty much ever photo, gifset and video that came out of San Diego Comic Con this year. And, like the show’s cast and creators, was completely charmed by the fans that turned up in flower crowns and brought a few for Bryan Fuller and Hugh Dancy.

It’s not a con weekend if you’re not wearing your fandom heart on your sleeve and I didn’t want to make another Jayne Cobb hat or Sherlock scarf. So, taking advantage of Gen Con’s fantastic open crafting room, I made this instead.

Floral aluminum wire
Faux magnolia flower branch (wire wrapped branches)
Wire cutters

The aluminum wire (lightweight and pliable), wire cutters and pliers were mine. I found the magnolia flower branch one of the tables near the back of the room (mixed in with the scrapbooking supplies). Initially, I had the idea of using the wire to create an Alice-band style crown (U-shaped, perched behind the ears like a headband) but quickly found that difficult to shape. In the end, I went with a simple circular frame, designed to sit on the crown of my head, light enough to be fixed with a couple of bobby pins.

Deciding how to arrange the leaves and flowers within the frame was a bit mystifying at first. Once someone pointed out to me that the green plastic branches the flowers and leaves were suspended on actually had wire underneath, it became much easier. I used the wire cutters to snip the flowers from the arrangement, leaving 4-5″ of the green wire. I pulled the leaves off first, arranging them on the silver frame before intermittently wrapping the flower wire with the frame. Closing off the loose ends was as simple as twisting the two ends together on each side.

Simple and gorgeous, with a slightly sinister, slightly satirical subtext. I ended up wearing this most of the weekend and was a bit sad when Sunday came I had to take it off. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on August 21, 2013.

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