Things I have been doing instead of crafting

1. Teaching ENG 100 to college freshmen.

2. Losing my mind (See #1).

3. Balancing the new job (teaching) with the less new job (working at DePaul).

4. Worrying that I’m not making myself clear and may be further along on the autism spectrum than I’ve always thought (see #1).

5. Playing host to several good friends coming in and out of the city for college tours and musical gigs.

6. Considering people.

7. Discontinuing therapy.

September swept in like a wave of madness and is hastily (I hope) sweeping back out again. I won’t be sorry to see it gone. Autumn’s here and I’m waiting for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I’m also prepping handmade Yule presents for the family and dear friends that want them (I’m in a secure enough place to give everyone a choice this year). People still scare me to death, but knitting and jewelry crafting are things I know I can do to keep my mind distracted, which helps it halfway to sharp and centered.

That said, I’ve got half a dozen projects either finished or nearly there that I’ll be posting over the next week or so. Stay tuned!

~ by blackmoodcraft on September 23, 2013.

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