Hematite Wire Wrapped Ring

I love rings and I am incredibly enamored with the wire-wrapped rings I’ve seen pipping up everywhere. With the help of this fantastic tutorial, I was able to try my hand at wire-wrapping a more detailed gemstone ring.

Ring mandrel
7mm hematite drilled round beads
20 gauge aluminum wire
Wire cutters
Jewelry pliers

With the wire cutters, I cut off a 15″ piece of the wire and threaded a hematite bead until it sat in the middle before wrapping the wire around the mandrel. The tutorial advised measuring the wire half a ring size larger than you intend to have at the end of the project to leave room for the detail.

After I wrapped the wire around the mandrel to establish a strong base for the ring, I wrapped the excess wire in a “bird’s nest” bezel around the hematite bead, leaving 1.5″ on each end.

Once I removed the ring from the mandrel, I looped the ends in a spiral hold around the sides of the bezel, securing the hold with my jewelry pliers.

Finished, slightly evil looking and 100 percent made by me! I’m incredibly pleased. What do you think?


~ by blackmoodcraft on September 24, 2013.

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