Amigurumi Sarah

I recently added PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) to my Favorite Causes section. In my life, the pets I’ve had, fostered, step-parented, co-parented and loved have been one of the greatest joys. If you are good to animals, they will be good to you and they will never ask for so much or disappoint so much or break your heart so much as human beings.

I made this in homage to my first and best furry friend, Sarah.

US 6 needles
One skein Loops and Threads “Soft and Shiny” white yarn
Loops and Threads “Glamour” starry night yarn
Black cotton embroidery floss
Tapestry needle

The term “amigurumi” is Japanese and refers to crocheted and knitted plush toys — usually animals.

Initially, I attempted to create a likeness of Sarah (a poodle/bichon frise mix) from one of the patterns in Muir and Osbourne’s “Knit Your Own Dog” books. After three days, half a skein of yarn and much frustration, I gave up and went looking for a new patten.

The pattern i ended up using is by Raynor Gellatly and was posted for free on their Knitted Toy Box blog. I ended up making a few modifications (different gauge, one color yarn, not including arms and legs, curving the ears forward instead of back) but kept to the shapes they created for the body, head, muzzle and tail. I added some rows and width to the ears to make them larger and more floppy.

Initially, I followed the pattern, knitting four legs as well as the body et al before discarding them. After i was finished knitting, I turned the body and head inside-out, whip and mattress stitching them closed halfway along the seam before flipping right side out again and stuffing them with poly fill.i folded the ears in half, length-wise and whip stitched the to the top of the head.

Once all the main pieces were complete, I embroidered the nose on Sarah’s muzzle and attached it to her face.

The eyes were embroidered next — I opted to go with a smaller three stitch pattern, preferring an awake puppy to a sleepy puppy.

When the time came to stitch everything together, seeing the tail to the bottom of the body was no problem while the head was… Well, a bit of a headache. To cover for the slightly uneven seams underneath Sarah’s chin, I decided to knit a colorful collar reminiscent of the other Sarah’s.

For the collar, I cast on 15 stitches and bound off the row, leaving a long tail o the colorful tape yarn at each side. When the band itself ended up being a little smaller than I thought, I was able to tie the two longer ends into a double bow.

My first and best furry friend is with a new family now (via the Humane Society — whom I *do not* support — rather than PAWS). I miss her and will continue to miss her. I’m glad I had her for as long as I did and very glad I was able to make a tiny approximation to remind me of the good times.


~ by blackmoodcraft on October 20, 2013.

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