“Blue Owl” Fingerless Gloves

To anyone who saw my post on getting gay married and craft shopping in Iowa City, you already know I ran out of Chi-town with little more than a threadbare pashmina and a light raincoat to protect me from the cold. Gloves were the last thing on my mind when I left and the first thing I regretted forgetting as soon as I got there. Being crazy, my first thought was not to find a drug store with a cheap pair of gloves. It was to find a yarn store with some reasonably priced wool, which I did.

The yarn I found at Home Ec. on Linn Street was pure merino wool, kettle-dyed with several shades of blue and brown. The combination of the two colors reminded me of several “blue owl” patterns I’ve seen in fabric stores and online.

I had a pair of US 6 straight needles with me — those I did not forget to pack for the trip (shows you where my priorities are). Among my many lack of talents, I still haven’t learned to knit in the round, so several of the patterns I found in the shop wouldn’t have worked for me. The pattern I ultimately decided on was a free “wrist warmer” fingerless glove pattern on Favecraft. No, I cannot explain why, with my hands freezing for three days, I would choose a pattern for fingerless gloves. I’m clearly not in my right mind.

I ended up shortening the pattern so that the gloves just went over my wrist and part of my forearm, as opposed to 13″ up to my elbow. They are super soft and comfy and warmer than you might have expected (I got to test them out on this morning’s bike ride — so far, so good).


~ by blackmoodcraft on October 23, 2013.

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  1. […] friend Bobbie got a kick out of the fingerless gloves I knitted back in October (“everyone in Chicago needs a pair of gloves that still allows them […]

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