Getting Gay Married and Crafting in Iowa City

If marriage equality had passed back in May, it would have passed on my birthday. Dear Illinois, you neglected to give me what would have been the best 30th birthday present ever. What kind of liberal dictatorship are you?

— Not actually Maggie and Marisa.

If marriage equality had passed back in May, my dear friends Maggie and Marisa could have gotten hitched in Chicago and crashed at my place for a few days. As it turns out, all three of us ended up commuting to Iowa City for the paperwork half of the shindig (the *gorgeous* ceremony at Withrow Springs State Park was last year).

I had the shorter leg of the journey — the entire Megabus trip was four hours long, including a rest stop in Bloomington. The girls, driving up from Arkansas, had a much longer way to go. Since I arrived first, I ended up scouting around the downtown area for most of the first day.

By coincidence, I ended up stumbling into Beadology’s Iowa City location. The selection was amazing — aluminum blanks in an array of colors, bone and gemstone beads, skull beads, gorgeous pewter pieces from Green Girl Studios of rabbits, elephants, turtles, frogs, coyotes, Medusas, and one absolutely darling zombie with a lolling tongue and exposed skull. I ended up leaving with a dozen blanks, some grey fresh water pearls and a teeny, tiny, pewter skull bead. If there was one downside, I would say it as that the staff were a bit clinical. They came across as a bit remote, (justifiably) protective of the merchandise, and very, very wary of new customers — though, I’m sure I, with my wild hair and two reusable shopping bags dangling from one elbow, didn’t help.

— Not actually me, either.

In contrast, I felt very welcome at Home Ec., a yarn and crafting shop on Linn Steet, just around the corner from the Haunted Bookshop. Coming off a bad few weeks and throwing most of my things together in the hour or so before the bus trip, I didn’t check the weather in Iowa before I left and ended up wandering around in frigid, rainy weather with just a scarf and a light raincoat to protect me. My gloves were left in the top drawer of my nightstand. Fortunately, having just finished up Amigurumi Sarah, I did have a pair of US 6 needles with me.

I found Home Ec. via google search and was so glad I did. They have an incredibly diverse selection of fabric patterns, accessories, stencils and yarn — all of it wool or wool blend, not an acrylic spool in sight. I ended up buying a skein of pure merino wool, kettle dyed with multiple shades of blue and brown. I didn’t finish my gloves in time for the end of the trip, but it’s given me a wonderful few days to work with the project, take it apart, rebuild, replace, etc.

Marriage equality and awesome crafting opportunities? Iowa City definitely gets two thumb up from me.


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