“Blood Moon” Hematite and Pearl Ring

I am enamored (fun fact: my autocorrect initially wrote this as “ensnared”) with rings and wire wrapping and my new fingerless gloves. All of which, combined with the new beads I bought in Iowa City, seemed like a good enough reason to make something new.

16 gauge coated dead soft wire, black
9 mm grey fresh water pearl
7 mm hematite
Jewelry pliers
Ring mandrel
Wire cutters

I originally bought the black wire to compliment the grey of the pearl, but, as I grouped my beads together, I also really liked the way the pearl complimented the hematite. So then the plan to make a simple gemstone ring became a hunt for a design that included two gemstones of disparate sizes.



I found a tutorial over at Karen Makes Stuff and altered it slightly, drawing the wire in spirals around the ring itself instead of creating decorative coils.

Once the spirals were in place, I used the wire cutters to snip off the excess.

Hematite has historically been used as an amulet against bleeding and is known as “the blood stone.” Pearl is one of the oldest gemstones and is associated with the moon.

I’m very pleased with how pretty this turned out! It reminds me of the models of the solar system I used to make when I was young.


~ by blackmoodcraft on October 25, 2013.

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