Vampire Simone de Beauvoir Costume

–Photo courtesy of Benjamin Thomas Jones, Simone is the one on the right.

I like costumes that are somewhat obscure, and you can’t get much more obscure than French existentialist, writer and pioneering feminist Simone de Beauvoir. Simone had some amazing things to say about societal constructs of feminine behavior (“One is not born a woman, but rather becomes one.”) and would have been the vampire least likely to sparkle.

Black A-line skirt
Beige cashmere polo neck jumper
Espresso opaque tights
Black ballet flats
Red lipliner pencil
Rimmel lasting finish “amethyst shimmer” lipstick
Maybelline ivory face powder
Blood Line fake blood
White poster board
Black Sharpie pen
Black bamboo/wool bulky yarn
US 15 needles
Yarn needle

The make-up was pretty standard for me — I used the red lipliner pencil on both my mouth and eyes, before using the lipstick on both my mouth and eyelids, running it in and applying the face powder. This is pretty much the same make-up routine I had in college — back when I wore white face powder and red lipstick.

The hat was the most expensive part of the costume in terms of time — I spent two hours knitting it (CO 20, garter stitch for 22″, BO), inspired by a friend of mine who I watched knit a similar hat in an hour while drinking coffee and telling me about the New Town Alamo Club.

Tragically, the fangs pictured here didn’t last long. They were in my mouth (dental putty secured) for less than five minutes when one of them shattered. I blame the student I was on the phone with. But, cheer up, not every pop culture vampire needs fangs to drink blood.

–This guy didn’t.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

~ by blackmoodcraft on October 31, 2013.

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