Loki Green, Brass, and Silver Trickster Pendant

I’ve been revisiting a lot of my trickster narratives as I contemplate the changes in my life — both past and present. I’m not terribly surprised some of these changes coincided with the release of Thor 2.

1/4″ steel lightning bolt metal stamper
1/16″ letter stamp set
1/4″ silver anodized aluminum circle jewelry blank with hole
3/4″ brass square blank with hole
1″ green anodized aluminum circle jewelry blank
1/2″ silver anodized aluminum circle jewelry blank with hole
7mm antique brass jump ring
Rotary tool with drill bit
Transparent packaging tape
Jewelry anvil
Jewelry pliers
20″ leather cord

There’s a vein of queerness and queer sexuality that runs through trickster mythology and narratives as well as vice versa. Marvel recently announced Loki’s bisexuality in the comics — long present in actual Norse mythology — and their intention to explore his relationships with both genders and his abilities as a shape-shifter in future titles (The Daily Beast and Sujay Kumar were stupid enough to refer to this collective queerness of the character as “bi-curious,” betraying just how little they know or understand about LGBTQA people and queerness in general).

Going with green and brass for Loki was an easy choice. Picking a silver blank as the third compliment for the grouping was a happy coincidence — silver being the compliment for Slytherin green as well as one compliment used in Loki’s costume.

I found out the colored aluminum blanks I found at Beadology in Iowa City last month are commonly packaged together under the name “confetti blanks” and can be bought with or without pre-drilled holes for jump rings. I was able to find a set of green anodized aluminum blanks through Etsy. Because the blanks had no hole, I had to drill them myself. Fortunately the seller who sold me the blanks also provided a couple of freebie blanks with holes in the package as a thank you. These provided an excellent stencil for the drill bit.

The lightning bolt was an easy choice for the silver stamp. Lightning is an element of Thor — Loki’s brother in the comics, friend and traveling companion in the Norse myths. The caption for the main piece was more problematic — 1″ of space is difficult to fill with hand-stamped letters, particularly when attempting several words that convey an independent clause. In the end, I elected to go with a couple words that sum up Loki’s character and trickster archetypes: Mischief, Deviance, Magic.

Best ode to the old gods yet! What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on November 19, 2013.

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