Crafty Culinary Amateur’s Guide to Road Tripping

So Thanksgiving is next Thursday and I’m going to be bussing down to St. Louis to spend it with my family.

My Wednesday will probably be the most stressful part of the entire week — I’ve got a shift at DePaul that morning, a class with my students that afternoon, and I have to catch my bus from the Greyhound station in the evening. I’ve figured out that I’ll be carrying two bags and a backpack around for most of the day. The backpack will have my laptop, smaller electronics, various USB cords and outlet plugs. One of the bags will have my clothes and toiletries for the week. The last bag will contain the following:

– 3-cup food processor
– 3.5 x 5″ mini bread loaf tin
– mixing spoons
– aluminum foil
– ceramic ovenware dish with wire carrier
– 3 packets active dry yeast
– 5 oz. crumbled blue cheese
– one bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
– one gallon-size freezer bag of pumpkin puree
– one pint-size mason jar of brown ale
– three pint-size jars of soaked wheat flour
– unrefined virgin coconut oil
– shallots
– raw honey
– apple pie spice
– cloves
– cinnamon
– raw sugar
– Mediterranean sea salt
– knitting needles

The knitting needles, as usual, are paramount.

How I’m going to fit all of this into one bag, I’m not sure yet. There will probably be photos once I figure it out. To complicate matters further, the soaked flour have to be kept at room temperature while the pumpkin puree needs to be refrigerated. All quite doable with a little creative reorganization — which, again, photos once I figure it out.


~ by blackmoodcraft on November 24, 2013.

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