Yuletide Traditions: Dylan Moran’s “Monster”

When my ex and I sat down to watch Black Books, I became absolutely besotted with Dylan Moran and, when I went looking for him on YouTube, was fortunate enough to find clips of his stand-up.

Monster is his masterpiece. I downloaded the entire video to my iPod nano in December of 2009 and would watch it frequently on the train — most memorably, one frigid Saturday morning when I took the blue line to Paulina to meet a photographer for a modeling job. Chicago’s CTA tunnels and station houses are both remarkably eerie and oddly majestic when they’re empty of people. There’s this sense of being the only person left alive on Earth and Dylan’s narratives about hangovers and why releasing your potential is a bad idea resonate in that atmosphere.


~ by blackmoodcraft on December 4, 2013.

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