Christmas Fireflies


Several of my friends have had “white elephant” gift exchanges at their holiday parties over the years and I like to flex my handmade prowess rather than going with the usual gag gifts (a 5 lb bag of Lifesavers, a package of Post-It notes and two bricks, etc).

This particular project was relatively simple and sneaked up on me the day of my friend Ritchie’s party.


Silver Patron tequila bottle with cork stopper (empty)
Snoopy flashing lights Christmas necklace
Brass eye screw


The bottle was a found item I had washed and sitting on my kitchen counter for almost two years, anticipating the crafting inspiration for it would strike when it needed to. I uncorked the stopper and made sure the inside of the bottle was clean. The brass eye screw I had was a closed loop so I opened it up a bit with my pliers before pressing the screw into the bottom of the cork with my thumb.


Once the screw was in place, I took the Snoopy flashing light necklace out of the package and looped part of the wire (closest to the battery pack and on switch for the lights) and pushed the rest of the necklace through the top of the bottle.


Voila! See what I meant my simple? To get the full effect of this lovely bottle of “Christmas fireflies,” watch the video below (please excuse the terrible frame job — I fail iPhone videos).


~ by blackmoodcraft on December 7, 2013.

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