“Rainicorn” Lace Knit Scarf

I owe a lot to my grandmother for taking me to craft shows when I was a kid and seeding an early love of handmade jewelry and scarves. The past few Christmases, I focused on gemstone and metal-stamped jewelry for her gifts. This year, I decided to focus on knitting.

US 10 bamboo knitting needles
Starbella “Starry Night” ribbon yarn
Red Heart Shimmer “Cream” yarn

I liked how the Starbella yarn popped with the simple lace knit stitch (k1, yo, k2tog) in previous projects and decided to use it for the accent color on the scarf. Against fine weight yarn, the stitches resembled flowers or star bursts. Against the shimmer medium weight yarn, it flattened out slightly and reminded me of the beams Lady Rainicorn emits from her horn on Adventure Time.

I opted to use four rows of the Starbella yarn with ten rows of the Shimmer yarn in between. The scarf itself ended up measuring 42″ in length — long enough to wrap multiple times.

The scarf ended up being really lovely. I hope my grandma likes it 🙂

~ by blackmoodcraft on December 25, 2013.

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