Sorry to see you go, 2013 (but, damn, it was good to know you)

This was the year that gave me new work, new projects, kept me busy, and gave me hope. I don’t know if I’ve reclaimed something I’ve lost, but I feel like I’m less of a bleeding, lurching zombie these days and a few steps closer to the human being I was always supposed to be.

– new jobs
– “new” cat (technically a 2012 development, but ‘eff it, she arrived in October)
– good friends
– good recipes
– merino wool
– new knitting patterns
– new combinations of knitting patterns
– fantastic events and workshops
– prep work that builds confidence
– traveling to new (and favorite) places

– bad therapy
– worse panic attacks
– prep work that makes me lose sleep
– bigots of every stripe
– fixating on imaginary errors and maladies

And, as usual, we’ll end the year on a song:

~ by blackmoodcraft on December 31, 2013.

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