“I am the cat who walks by himself…” Snow Globe

The winter holidays bring out an odd side of me (and, in that way, are not a world away from caffeine, Gustav Mahler, and people who know what “heteronormative” means). For some European countries, the winter hols didn’t end until Twelfth Night. For one or two others, they don’t technically end until Burns’ Night, and so, I reserve the right to continue my winter crafts up until it’s time to make shepherd’s pie (and probably, most definitely, beyond).

Studio Decor snow globe
Joulee Halloween 3D sticker sheet (black cat)
Gartner Studios Bon Voyage-World Map scrapbook paper
Purple gel ink pen

It had been many years since I read Just So Stories. I owe Doctor Who and Colin Baker in particular for helping me to revisit the collection I loved as a child (and Gutenberg.org for having converted files of it available for download). Entering the BBC’s longest running sci-fi serial at a contentious point in the network’s history, Baker was, rather notoriously, only allowed to pick a single item for his Sixth Doctor ensemble. He chose a cat badge to wear on his colorful lapel, inspired by “The Cat Who Walked By Himself,” the origin of how man domesticated all other species of animals except the cat (and, having know several, I can see why).

“I am the Cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me.”

Of course, Cat eventually does come to Man, approaching him exclusively on his own terms, his secrets and ownership of self in tact.

For the background, I went with the world map and, using the insert provided with the snow globe, traced and excised a portion of it up near the northwestern portion of Russia.

The black cat sticker is one I’ve had for quite a while. The sheet it adhered too long since lost somewhere in the haphazardly ordered scramble of my crafting table, I had the cat (who reminded me of Alex, the former step-kitty who branded me as His Human) stuck to the keyboard of my laptop. The adhesive held up well and transferring him to the map was easy. From there, it was a matter of inscribing the page in a way that accommodated for the space the cat took up.

Some of the best craft projects are the most simple.

Also, the neat things about these snow globes? The insert runs down the middle allowing for *two sides*. Stay tuned for the flip side…

~ by blackmoodcraft on January 13, 2014.

One Response to ““I am the cat who walks by himself…” Snow Globe”

  1. Charming — will be looking for the flip side.

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