Slightly Odd Things in the Lives of Crafters’ Friends and Loved Ones #2: Over-packed (yet under-packed) guests

So, I’m taking a night bus to St. Louis for the weekend, returning Sunday night (brother’s got a play I wanted to see and I wanted to watch the new Sherlock series with my grandfather). I made my lunch, filled my cat’s food, water, litter and shut all the lights off before I left. I also took about ten minutes to throw everything non-electronics related into two cloth shopping bags before I left. To give you an idea of my priorities, this is what’s in them:

– Harley Quinn t-shirt
– short casual jacket
– hair brush
– EZ combs with hair tie
– two scarves (red and black pashmina, brown wool winter scarf)
– asthma meds
– cod liver oil
– teddy bear
– MLP: FIM Rarity plushie (to keep the teddy bear company)
– knitting needles
– nine skeins of yarn
– two embroidery hoops (9” and 3”)
– embroidery floss
– kit bag containing ribbon, sewing needles, scissors, buttons, charms, crafting detritus…)
– one half-finished knitting project with paper clips/stitch markers

I’m detecting a slight pattern here.

(For those concerned about the lack of a tooth brush on this list, I spend so much time in StL, I have one there.)

~ by blackmoodcraft on January 17, 2014.

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