Bloody Britain Lunch Bag

With the cooking streak I’ve been on lately, I’ve been bringing my lunch to work more often than not. I got tired of taking my mason jars of rice and noodles to work in a plastic grocery bag and, thanks to Molly’s Sketchbook Lunch Bag pattern, I no longer have to.

Royal Crown wood stamp
7Gypsies Name Holder wood stamp
Crafty Cuts canvas (1.5 yards)
Colorbox Crafter’s black ink pad
Red cotton embroidery floss
Aleene’s spray matte finish sealer
Coats and Clark brown poly cotton thread
1/4″ x 5″ scrap leather
3″ embroidery hoop
Paper towels
Sewing needles

With the exception of the hand sewn construction, I was very faithful in following Molly’s pattern in the construction of the bag (two 9.5″ x 13″ canvas panels, button and loop clasp. When it came to the design, I went with a mixed media image — combining the juxtaposition of rubber stamp designs and embroidery.

I used the rubber stamps and the ink pad to impress the design on the canvas. Once the ink was dry, I cut a hole in a paper town and laid it over each design, spraying a small amount of the matte sealer over to protect the design.

Once the matte sealer was dry, I started the “bloody” embroidery part of the design. I played with the idea of several words and letters before finally settling on “lunch” in my normal script. I traced the word lightly off-center with the name plate design and back-stitched over it.

Once the panels were done, I turned them inside out and sewed up the three raw (not hemmed) edges using a simple back stitch (4-5mm, fairly loose, but good enough for our purposes here). Once the panels were together, I flattened them out so that the bottom of the bag flared out in a diamond shape that would lay flat. I sewed up the corner edges (approx. 3″) and trimmed off the corners altogether so that the bottom of the bag would flatten out like a classic paper bag.

It’s always good to have a spare button stash and I’ve amassed several over the years. The button I ended up using for the clasp on my lunch bag was a 17mm tortoiseshell button that looked like it came off someone’s princess coat in downtown Chicago (sad for them but lucky for me).

Another stylistic choice I ended up making was replacing the canvas loop Molly recommended with a piece of scrap leather leftover from when I made my e-reader cover. I folded it over so the two ends were side by side and used a thin leather needle to stitch them to the inside flap of the bag. Once the loop was done

Super stoked with my new lunch bag! Who’s hungry?


~ by blackmoodcraft on February 4, 2014.

2 Responses to “Bloody Britain Lunch Bag”

  1. Definitely think I’ll want one of these when I’ve actually got money again, and a lunch bag for work would be awesome. I’ll just need to know what designs are available and how geeky I can go. LOL

    • Sure thing! Right now, the stamps I’ve got are the two pictured here and my dog paw print stamp. They’re on sale this week at Michaels so I’m probably going to grab a few more on Friday. I’ll let you know what I’ve got and we’ll see what we can fix up for you 😀

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