“Lesbian Unicorn” Cuff Bracelet


I’m bored easily these days and more easily frustrated — by family stuff, low energy, long-term projects and the same erroneous greek chorus of straight men who think the term “queer” means “pussy AND a show..!” When a bunch of awesome jewelry supplies turned up on sale at Michaels, I was inspired to spell a few things out (because, really, there’s no point in being subtle).


Bead Landing adjustable cuff bracelet
1/4″ moon metal stamp
1/16″ letter stamp set
Jewelry anvil

Metal stamping is old hat to me now, though the process is made much easier when you have reflective aluminum and base metal charms to work with. I decided to space out the letters by 2mm to ensure that the engraving covered the flattened base of the bracelet.


The term “lesbian unicorn” comes from a quote Patrick Rothfuss made about fantasy and genre writing and how speculative fiction encourages and fosters diversity in a way literary writing routinely falls short. It also, allegedly, may or may not be a term used in the BDSM and fetish community, the definition of which I won’t post here (a lady is entitled to a little mystery, thank you).


I picked the moon stamp to set off the caption because of the moon’s own prevalence in mythology and fantasy and its connection with mythical creatures (vampires come out at night, the moon spurs in the werewolf’s transformation). Both unicorns and the moon are also associated with feminine mystique and intuition (as a counterpoint to the masculine sun and lion).


Well, look at that. Another gorgeous piece born of an awful day. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on February 13, 2014.

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