“Joker’s Favor” Knit Hat

My friends, Au’na and Carey, got married in Joker and Harley Quinn colors. When we found out they were expecting and that they were expecting a boy, I thought a baby’s hat in Joker colors would be a lovely gift for him.

Vanna’s Choice, olive
Sugar N’ Cream, hot purple
US 9 bamboo knitting needles
Tapestry needle

The pattern I found was a variation on the one originally posted at Red Heart, using k2p2 rib stitches for the entire design and k2tog to shore up the curve for the top of the hat.

Once all the rows were complete, I left an 8″ tail of yarn free to pull in the top of the hat. I then used the remaining tails to mattress stitch the two ends of the hat together.

This is the first of two hats I’m working on for them. Look for a Baby Jayne hat closer to Gen Con, browncoats!

~ by blackmoodcraft on March 14, 2014.

One Response to ““Joker’s Favor” Knit Hat”

  1. […] and Carey’s little boy, Carey II, was born April 15. Here he is in his Joker hat (posted with permission from his mama), plotting something dastardly and […]

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