“Mad Love” Cross Stitch Pillow

Fair warning to anyone who lingers around long enough to be my friend — you will walk away with at least one handmade gift before our time is over. And it will probably be delivered several weeks after the actual event that bore gift giving has past.

Since I was making a hat in Joker colors for Au’na’s baby, I wanted her present to be as unique and fun and something that would compliment the home. Sometimes it takes me a little time to figure out a design for a project, but once I know what I want to do, I tend to dig into it until it’s done.

14 count cross stitch cloth
Crafty Cuts navy cotton fabric
Red and black “Love” 10mm ribbon
Lime cotton embroidery floss
Plum cotton embroidery floss
Red cotton embroidery floss
Black cotton embroidery floss
Sewing needle

Creating an original design that is also immediately recognizable to the culture that you’re homaging can sometimes be difficult and it took me a long time to pin down precisely what I wanted to do. I knew that I wanted to design something that incorporated both Joker and Harley colors and that I wanted something that perfectly encapsulated those characters. I started with approximating the three-diamonds design from Harley’s costume. For some reason, I kept coming back to Harley’s equating the Joker’s violence with humor in “Harlequinade” and the image of comic-style captions for laughter.

The smaller effects (the “ha’s” in purple and green) are my own handwriting. I knew that I wanted a three-dimensional effect for the three central “Ha’s.” And, looking for comic-style, asymmetrical fonts, I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful article on recording graffiti for historical and linguistic purposes. Ironically, the font I picked is called “Joker.”

Of course “Mad Love” comes from the graphic novel written by Paul Dini, which details the origin story of Harley Quinn’s association with the Joker. Finding the ribbon for the pillow was inspired — and, being on clearance from V-day, fairly inexpensive.

Au’na got her gift yesterday (in one piece, thanks FedEx) and I’m very pleased with her reaction and the end product. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on March 15, 2014.

2 Responses to ““Mad Love” Cross Stitch Pillow”

  1. Really cool 🙂

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