Knitting vs. Cross Stitch: I’m detecting a pattern here…

The financial aid office at the university has begun packaging awards for the incoming freshman and, with perfect comic timing, the awards are going out the same week as spring disbursements for the current students. Cue: lots of students and parents calling us about money, longer days in my cubicle, higher stress factors on the phones, more prone to fatigue (and, on the rough days, anxiety).

I’m learning that the uniform patterns for knitting are good for dealing with these types of stress factors — where I can distract my brain with a solid, rhythmic, unchanging repetition, as opposed to the chaotic freeform of a lot of my cross stitch designs. There are studies talking about how working with the hands affects brain activity, how the tangible gratification of a finished project produces increased levels of serotonin. Cross stitch, sewing, painting, jewelry making, paper crafts — it all works. But the “relaxation response” of knitting is especially beneficial on days like this one.

Good to know.

~ by blackmoodcraft on March 26, 2014.

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