Mock Honeycomb Neck Warmer

Inspired by a gorgeous handmade quilt at 221b Con, I started looking for knitting patterns that resembled a hexagonal “honeycomb-like” grid. I found the Mock Honeycomb pattern via Barbara Breiter’s Knitting on the Net blog.

Red Heart Shimmer cream yarn
Three 1″ two or four-hole buttons
US 9 bamboo needles
Yarn needle

I thought the pattern would look especially well with Red Heart’s “Shimmer” cream yarn and, when I realized just how little I had left of it after completing my grandma’s Rainicorn scarf, I opted to make a shorter neck warmer to wear over my jacket, more like a Victorian collar than a short muffler.

Most of the patterns I found for neck warmers called for 30″ of work. Because I was so low on yarn, I ended up counting my work by rows instead of inches. The mock honeycomb pattern works in 12 row increments, with multiples of 4 + 1 stitches.

CO 33
Knit first two rows in garter stitch
Switch to mock honeycomb
Continue for 142 rows
Switch to stockinette stitch for two rows
Begin double yarn over eyelet button holes, alternating every 5 stitches (5 knit stitches, 4 bh, 5 kn st, 4bh, 5 kn st 4 bh, 6 kn st)
Continue stockinette stitch for four more rows

I’d never knitted button holes before and was fortunate enough to find a double yarn-over eyelet tutorial by Megan Goodacre that used stitches I was familiar with. I alternated the buttonholes every five stitches along the row, ending up with three, medium-sized button holes.

It pays to have a “lost button” collection when you’re a crafter and, in a city like Chicago, there’s no shortage if you keep your eyes peeled. The buttons I picked out of my pile were two metal two-hole and one plastic four-hole buttons (bearing the Abercrombie & Fitch logo — some poor hipster’s pissed). I decided to stagger the button’s an inch apart, so that the neck warmer would turn down like a turnover collar at the top or part in an acute geometrical angle when worn in reverse.

And there we have it! This was so much fun to make. Thanks to everyone who endured all my “in progress” posts while I was making it. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on April 16, 2014.

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