Preparing for First-Time Cosplay Costume Crafter’s Checklist

Some weeks ago, I got it in my head to spend at least one day at C2E2 dressed as pre-accident Pamela Isley. Five days away, I think I’m on the right track:

40″ white lab coat with pocket (bought and shipped, arrives Tuesday before con)

Green blouse (embroidered, no cleavage)

Green tights (bought on sale at Walgreens)

Dark skirt

High heels

– University ID Badge (template downloaded, plastic ID sleeve and clip available at Walgreens)

– Floral garlands for hair (Michael’s coupon)

– Potted plant, possibly orchid (?)

Considering some of the stories I heard last year regarding the male convention goers, I’m also tempted to make a sign that says “No Kisses.”

~ by blackmoodcraft on April 20, 2014.

One Response to “Preparing for First-Time Cosplay Costume Crafter’s Checklist”

  1. I like the “No Kisses” sign idea.

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