Doctor Pamela Isley Cosplay

So, that was an experience! First time cosplay can be a bit nerve-wracking, even discounting the character you’re playing, but I really enjoyed it. And, as with other costume projects, the amount of details you accumulate and improvise to “sell” the character is a wonderful stretch for the creative muscles.

Medline women’s 40″ white lab coat
Forest green embroidered blouse
Brown skirt
High heels
West Loop green tights
Pink peony silk flowers
Green carnation silk flowers
Potted Silk Orchids
Sinful Colors “call you later” green glitter nail polish

I tend to go for simplicity with the majority of my costume concepts — which is part of what made science!Pam such an exciting idea. The red hair is mine. The glasses are mine. The majority of the clothes I wore in character as Pamela are mine (which was enormously helpful in terms of comfort), down to the combs I used to pin up my hair. For pre-Ivy Pamela, the only thing I really needed was flowers and a lab coat, with small touches of green for uniformity and effect. Well into the post St. Patrick’s Day, post-Easter season, I was able to get both the tights and the nail polish on clearance at the drug store. Michael’s has been having an ongoing sale on its floral garlands and stems as well as potted arrangements, so I was able to get those for a steal as well. The only thing I ended up paying full price on was the lab coat which was an Amazon find.

Buying flowers by the stem is cheap and easy for projects involving accessories — the majority have only a wire core, while the offshoot stems are simple plastic (depending on the size and weight of the flowers). I went with pink peonies and green carnations for Pam’s hair, partially as a cheek (google Oscar Wilde and “green carnations”) and because I thought the color combination would be recognizable for the character without being garish. Once my hair was up, it was as simple as clipping the at the widest part up the stem and tucking them inside my twist.

This was a fun project and it ended up being a fantastic day! I met so many Pamelas (as well as Harley Quinns) and ended up taking many “before and after” shots. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on April 27, 2014.

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