Bisexual Pride Cross Stitch Necklace

I have a soft spot in my heart for pride jewelry and pride colors in general. Because, as a young queer person growing up, it was the first time I saw who I was reflected back at me in a simple, yet provocative way. A rainbow is a beautiful and simple way of setting yourself off in a crowd — highlighting your difference and owning it with style and flare before someone else can try to do it.

Not everyone likes it and I’d be lying if I said I cared. “I’m not prejudiced or anything but why do you have to shove it in my face?!”

1) Because if you can see it, you can’t discount it. 2) Because it’s pretty. Deal with it.

Bottle Cap
Pringles lid
U.S. Quarter
16-count cross stitch cloth
Plum cotton embroidery floss
Royal Blue cotton embroidery floss
Dark Pink cotton embroidery floss
7mm aluminum jump ring
Jewelry pliers
Craft glue
Birch coffee stirrer
Sewing needles
Waxed cloth cord

Bisexual pride colors are easier to spot these days than they were fifteen years ago — the celebratory pink/lilac/blue stripes crowding out the nasty “Bi Now, Gay Later” merchandise of old and taking its place next to the rainbow. I’ve lost many necklaces and bracelets over the years to moves and various kinds of wear and tear.

The inverted triangle was an easy choice to incorporate the Bi pride colors — our brother and sister activists in the 1970s stole the pink and black versions from Nazi death camps. Straight allies have recently been using a further inverted version to mean “straight but now narrow.” In any form, the triangle sends a strong message for queer people, our community, and the people who love and support us.

I mapped out a simple 11 stitches by 12 rows design on graph paper — the pink/lilac/blue even distributed into four rows a piece. I used the quarter (the inside of the average bottle cap is approx. the size of a quarter) to gauge the size of the design as I cross stitched it.

Once the pattern was finished, I used the quarter to trace and cut out a piece of plastic backing from the Pringles lid. I trimmed the cross stitch cloth into a circle, leaving 1/2″ around the plastic, and folded the edges over, shaping the cloth around the design into an approx. circle. I then added a small amount of craft glue to the joined edges and left it to dry.

For the bottle cap bezel, I used a large sewing needle to drill and shape a hole for the jump ring. Afterwards, I used the pliers to insert and secure the jump ring. Once the ring was in place, I used the birch coffee stick to apply craft glue inside the cap and placed the now dry cross stitch design inside.

And there we have it! She’s all done and she looks badass. Who else wants one?


~ by blackmoodcraft on May 2, 2014.

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