“Pink Five, or, whatever, standing by!”


I’ve been on a kick lately with my cross stitch necklaces, wanted to branch out from the pride colors I’ve been working on, and thought individual characters would be a good design to try out next.

Using the 11 stitch x 12 stitch frame I previously established for my necklaces (on 16-count cross stitch cloth), I went with a 1:1 ration for the head and torso patterns, giving the character a proportion and shape similar to 8-bit animated characters.

I’ve been on a Pink Five kick since May the 4th. The original Star Wars fan film short was written and directed by Trey Stokes as a test for a new film camera. Given these origins, I thought Stacey the Jedi and X-Wing pilot (or “Stacy” if you’ve read Timothy Zahn’s Allegiance) would be a good model for my cross stitch template. For her overall look, I went with the pink top, flight pants, and pixie crop from Pink Five Strikes Back. To get a subtle effect of her pixie crop, I added an asymmetrical “quif” to the design. For the light saber, I went with proportionate to the design rather than RL proportion and started the handle at the character’s waist (hand-height) to denote its status as a physical weapon.

She ended up with 14 stitches of height, which might make the template too tall for my bottle cap frames, but I plan on tinkering with it some more. Stay tuned!


~ by blackmoodcraft on May 8, 2014.

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