Princess Leia Cross Stitch Necklace


After the success of Pink Five (my valley girl Jedi character template), I decided to tackle one of the more prominent characters from the Star Wars expanded universe.

Bottle cap
Pringles lid
Plastic push pin
16-count cross stitch cloth
White cotton embroidery floss
Dark brown embroidery floss
Light fawn brown embroidery floss
Ecru embroidery floss
Black embroidery floss
7mm aluminum jump ring
Sewing needles
Jewelry pliers
Craft glue


Initially, I was on the fence about including the blaster in the design. But, I figured if Stacey could have her light saber, there was no reason to deprive Leia of her weapon if choice.


The small frame and proportionate size to the character within the frame didn’t leave much room for detail on the blaster itself (how did our 8-bit game designers manage this stuff so elegantly?). If one person looks at this necklace and can tell the black shape next to the last princess of Alderaan is a gun, I’ll be happy.


I haven’t mentioned this before but, so far, all of my cross stitch necklaces have been framed inside caps from root beer bottles. No special reason, but given Carrie Fisher’s past struggles with addiction, it seems appropriate to emphasize the distinction.


Blinding white dress aside, I’m very pleased with how my second cross stitched sci-fi heroine turned out! What do you guys think?


~ by blackmoodcraft on May 16, 2014.

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