Wonder Woman Cross Stitch Necklace


For the third necklace in my “girl power” line, I decided to make the leap from Jedi to superheroes.

There was only one comic publisher in my house growing up (DC) and only two superheroes (Superman and Wonder Woman). Diana Troy was a strong figure in my childhood psyche and confirmation that being a woman itself was powerful and heroic.

Bottle cap
Pringles lid
Birch coffee stirrer
Plastic push pin
7mm aluminum jump ring
16-count cross stitch cloth
Red cotton embroidery floss
Yellow cotton embroidery floss
Black cotton embroidery floss
Ecru cotton embroidery floss
Royal blue cotton embroidery floss
Jewelry pliers
Sewing needles
Craft glue



I realized too late that I had accidentally shortened Diana’s by a row of stitches, giving her a proportion closer to chibi designs than my original template. All the same, I still think she turned out lovely.



I went with a Newcastle bottle cap for Diana’s bezel — partially because the star and mustard yellow backdrop reminded me of her vintage panels, partially because it’s my favorite beer.

Look for the superheroines’ line to continue!


~ by blackmoodcraft on May 23, 2014.

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