Lily Allen “Sheezus” Cross Stitch Necklace

My “Big Bag of Rainbow” was missing some crucial colors for my next two characters in the DC heroine line-up. Rather than spend most of the afternoon sitting on my hands, I opted to pull a wild card. This was loosely inspired by the Facebook photos I’ve been seeing of Lily’s fans with their copies of her new album (which, having downloaded it on iTunes, I can’t really do — barring some tricky camera work).

Bottle cap
Pringles lid
Plastic push pin
7mm aluminum jump ring
16-count cross stitch cloth
Electric blue embroidery floss
Dark gold embroidery floss
Black embroidery floss
Plum embroidery floss
Ecru embroidery floss
Light brown embroidery floss
Light grey embroidery floss
Waxed cotton cord
Craft glue
Sewing needles
Jewelry pliers

–Photo courtesy of

Pinning down the color palette of a figure is the easiest part of any design — the Sheezus album cover centers around and reflects off of Lily’s dress, so selecting the plum floss was easy, as was choosing the light grey floss for her short boots.

Working out how to design Lily’s hair style from the album cover was the most difficult part. I’d never cross stitched a pony tail before and I also had to illustrate the multiple color streaks in her hair. I worked out that the electric blue would work well for her bangs and that the dark gold would compliment both the blue and the plum of her dress.

Promotional stills as well as the cover itself show the pony tail as laying over Lily’s left shoulder, so I opted to have it centered off to the side, slightly away from the figure, similar to hair styles of female 8-bit characters (think Mary from Code Monkeys). I think the effect works pretty well (please tell me if it doesn’t).

To illustrate the fade-in of the platinum tones, I switched off stitch colors– starting with black, then gold, then one mixed cross stitch of both, fading into two black half-stitches.

For the curious few out there, Lily’s cap is a plain, gold root beer cap (covered in black glitter from being at the bottom of my ribbon bag). I don’t know what the lady would prefer among my beer and liquor selection and it seemed gauche to presume.

And there we have it! Not too bad for a first try with a non-sci-fi, non-comics figure. What do you guys think?


~ by blackmoodcraft on June 4, 2014.

2 Responses to “Lily Allen “Sheezus” Cross Stitch Necklace”

  1. fantastic – as a fan I guess I should check out that new album 🙂

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