RIP Rik Mayall

For my readers, who already read this piece on my Tumblr page, I apologize for the repetition.

This is me at St. Louis Pridefest in 2006, wearing a shirt designed by sinful_teddy (iron-on color transfer that just about worked), who I met on a Young Ones slash community, inspired by similar designs I’d seen on LGBTQA sites and at Pridefests past.

The caption says “Punk Meets Nerd (piss off, wankers)” — which probably epitomized how I felt about my own queerness more than about any queer reading of Rick and Vyvyan, but it was fun and I loved it. So did many couples I met that day, some of whom stopped in the middle of the thoroughfare to high-five me or ask how I was old enough to even know who the Young Ones or Rik Mayall were.

That t-shirt is long gone, lost in half a dozen moves in less than a decade, but I still have the photo and my Young Ones box set. I have the relationships I made in that community and I still have Pridefest every year, as well as the lovely memories each has brought and continues to bring to me.

If I had ever found the words to convey to Rik Mayall how much that meant and the sense of community the love of his anarchic characters and the transformative works that were inspired by them brought to me, I would have loved to have told him so. I have no idea how he would have responded, but I’m sure it would have been enthusiastic and unpredictable.

Rest in Peace, Rik. Thank you.

~ by blackmoodcraft on June 10, 2014.

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