Starfire Cross Stitch Necklace


Growing up in a Superman/Wonder Woman household, my main exposure to the Teen Titans has been as an adult, through friends and the cartoon. I’ve always enjoyed Starfire and she seemed like a logical choice next up in the DC superheroines line.


Bottle cap
Pringles lid
Plastic push pin
Birch coffee stirrer
16-count cross stitch cloth
7mm aluminum jump ring
Light orange embroidery floss
Maroon embroidery floss
Light yellow green embroidery floss
Cornflower blue embroidery floss
Violet embroidery floss
Jewelry pliers
Craft glue
Sewing needles


Because I’m still having some issues designing flat-iron straight hair, I opted to go with a design closer to Starfire’s hair in the comics, circa 1985 (or so).


For Starfire’s design, the limits of the template is almost kind of satisfying — in that it minimizes the egregious hyper-sexualized design that so many male readers extol and returns the focus to the character herself and the more basic elements of her composition.

I’m also quite enjoying the chibi look of the shortened legs and have decided to keep that trend going.



I would like to think picking the Newcastle cap for Starfire’s bezel was an obvious choice. For those who it’s not obvious, I’ll leave it for someone else to explain.


And there we have it! It might be that I’ve gone quite a few of these by now, but Starfire’s design was the fastest from concept to completion so far. What do you guys think?


~ by blackmoodcraft on June 11, 2014.

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