“Fehu” Rune Embroidered



And the summer hoodie keeps on growing! Most fans of The Hobbit will recognize the “fehu” rune as the mark that Gandalf carves into Bilbo Baggins’ door signalling the dwarves to where they will be meeting. It’s also associated with new beginnings, personal evolution mobility, prosperity, and monetary wealth (which, Tolkien, being an accomplished linguist, would have known).

The Inspired Nerd hoodie as of today:

– Three button pips (pastel blue, champagne, garnet)
– Archer’s target (red, white, blue) on left sternum
– “Loki’d” inscription along left side
– Thuriaz rune on left sleeve cuff
– Silver embellishments on the hood
– Fehu rune on right sleeve cuff

~ by blackmoodcraft on June 17, 2014.

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