“Wanderlust” Metal Stamped Leather Wrap Bracelet

While I learn to crochet for my long(er) clothing project, I have a million smaller projects running simultaneously to keep my brain from fizzling — including a couple jewelry projects for my latest cosplay outfit for GenCon. While I was doing some metal stamping for a couple of pieces for me and a friend, I got it in my head to make something for everyday wear.

Bead Landing brown leather wrap bracelet with brass tone fastener
1″ black aluminum circle blank with drill hole
9mm aluminum jump ring
1/16″ letter stamping kit
Jewelry anvil
Jewelry pliers

Leather jewelry is always fun to play around with and I was excited to see Bead Landing had some pre-made pieces available for modification. The piece I bought came with a fastener and belt-holes for adjustment. I thought the pre-punched holes would be an ingenious place to loop a jump ring through (as opposed to attempting to find a loop big enough to cover the 1 cm of the band) for a tag. I’m still planning on using the bracelet itself for my cosplay project — but with a different tag.

The black tag was one of the blanks I picked up at Beadology in Iowa City last October. The term “Wanderlust” comes from one of my favorite Paul McCartney songs. I actually took a poll among my friends about whether stamping the title of the song or one of the lyrics (“help us to be free”) would be a better choice. Having finished it, I must say I agree with their choice!


~ by blackmoodcraft on August 6, 2014.

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