“Fascinator” Flower Crown

I tend to base myself out of the open crafting room when I’m at GenCon — more space and time to gather materials, start a few projects, finish a few others. Convention time for me also means time for new, increasingly macabre flower crowns (a centuries-old Day of the Dead tradition, recently appropriated as a Tumblr meme and summarily stolen by the Hannibal fandom).

Jeweled wire headband
Three-carnation tier with felt backing
Six short-wire silk flowers
Pearl brooch button cover
24 gauge wire
Howlite skull bead
Pearl cameo
Jewelry pliers
Wire cutters
Tapestry needle

A fascinator is defined as “a woman’s alternative to hat for formal attire.” It’s usually a large hair decoration on a headband, comb or clip with elaborate trimmings and decoration, often with (but not limited to) feathers, flowers, veils, miniature hats. I originally wanted to get a straight headband to work with, but when I found this beauty on the clearance aisle at the drug store, I thought it would be a good fit for a unique project.

The three carnations were part of a necklace a friend of mine gave me to work with. It was on a light chain with wool felt backing holding the whole thing together (bonded with what I’m pretty sure was E-6000 adhesive). Disconnecting the chain was easy. Prising off the felt was not and I eventually gave up on the idea of sliding the band through the layers of felt.

Fortunately, I realized pretty early into the project that the tapestry needle created very neat holes for the silk flowers to slide through and, once they were suitably placed, the combined wire was strong enough to fix the whole piece to the headband.

The skull bead was one of a handful in a box of loose beads on the open crafting table and, once I found some 24 gauge floral wire, was easy to work into the piece.

Once the flowers were complete, the peridot green gems didn’t quite fit the colors scheme of the rest of the piece. So I prised those gems out with the jewelry pliers used the pliers to attach the pearl brooch in the largest gem’s spot.

This was so much fun to do — and so much fun to wear. I wore this to work for the first two days after I came home and I might wear it again next week!

~ by blackmoodcraft on August 21, 2014.

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