The messy business of a cardigan

“Knit your own cardigan,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said…

For the most part, it has been! I’m delighted with the cappuccino yarn. I’m delighted with the the fact that I can now knit 120 stitches at a time for multiple rows without dropping them or accidentally increasing or decreasing (we’ve come a long way from 2011, baby). I’m less delighted and more than a little nervous about knitting sleeve holes and the prospect of attempting to seam them once all three pieces are complete.

Also, who knew there were so many loose tails of yarn prior to putting everything together? For me, it’s a bit like getting a peak behind the curtain at a butcher shop. “What’s in your chicken nuggets” vs. “What goes into those nice, cozy near-jackets that manage to legitimize my nerdy t-shirts at work.”

~ by blackmoodcraft on October 30, 2014.

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