“Objects in Space” Baby Blanket

Our family recently welcomed a new cousin to the fold and, to celebrate, I decided to try out a modification of Lisa Shobhana Mason’s “Big Bad Baby Blanket”

Lion Brand Wool-Ease “Constellation” yarn
Lion Brand Wool-Ease “Galaxy” yarn
Lion Brand Wool-Ease “Starlight” yarn
US 10.5 needles

Because I initially started this project on straight needles and switched to circular needles two-thirds of the way through, I cast on 110 stitches (ten less than the pattern called for and 1.5 gauges larger than recommended). Unfamiliar with seed stitch, I also ended up knitting three rows of k1p1 rib stitch. Once I realized, I knitted four rows of seed stitch before moving on to the alternating stockinette squares. Every time I ran out of a skein of yarn, I switched colors and from purl to knit stitch (and vice versa).

Once the third color was wearing down, I wrapped it up with the seed and rib stitches, binding off in a k1p1 stitch (new experience for me, but easy enough).

The blanket ended up being long enough for bundling and short enough to allow the baby’s head to peek out. The material is warm and thick enough to brace against bitter winter cold and keep the baby warm all season long! What do you guys think?


~ by blackmoodcraft on November 28, 2014.

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