“Sex and Violets” Gothic Corsage

A friend of mine recently commissioned a Gothic corsage for a friend of his in Southern France. The words “flower arranging” tend to remind me of Michael Palin dressed as a gumby, but I gave it my best shot.

Blue Moon Beads Shortcuts Leather Wrap Bracelet
Modern Romance Floral Accents Violets
Celebrate It Floral Pick Black Tulle
Ashland Floral Accents Pink daylilies
Scrap cardboard
Scrap velveteen
Scrap felt
Elmer’s glue
1.5″ black ribbon
Black dead soft wire
Silver dead soft wire
Wire cutters
Wire wrap pliers

To make sure the corsage would survive the trip (and be available for further use in cosplay and LARPing), I opted to go with silk and acrylic flowers and accents. I picked the violet accents because of their association with a photo I’d seen of Flo in her favorite outfit. The day lilies were part of a stem I bought to go with my Dr. Pamela Isley costume. The black tulle (in place of the white or pink habitual to most accessories) needs no explanation.

Most wrist corsage are fixed with elastic. To ensure longevity and compliment the overall theme of the piece, I opted to go with a leather band instead. The band I picked had lobster claw clasps built in for added charms.

For the backing, I opted to go with a cardboard base, fixed with a wire loop and two layers of velveteen and felt backing so that the flower arrangement could be added and removed from the bracelet.

All set! Here’s hoping the person it was commissioned for enjoys it.

~ by blackmoodcraft on December 3, 2014.

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