Tokyo Mall Godzilla Amigurumi Plushie

The crochet skills are progressing slowly. I’ve been diving into amigurumi projects more and more to keep my hands from getting idle. In addition to it being Monster Christmas at my house, this little guy was inspired by the Godzilla Christmas Tree in the Aqua City Odeiba shopping mall.

Green glitter yarn
Red cotton yarn
Grey acrylic yarn
Size J crochet hook
Black glitter felt
White cotton embroidery floss
Red cotton embroidery floss
Two four-hole red buttons
Re-purposed paper clip
Seeing needle

For the kaiju’s body and head, I went with Little Things Blogged’s amigurumi Rudolph pattern, reversing the proportions for each.

The red button eyes were easy to design. Godzilla’s mouth full of fearsome teeth was not. Remembering some ugly doll patterns that I’d seen that used felt, I opted to use black glitter felt to create the illusion of a cavernous mouth full of embroidered teeth. It’s kind of spotty — as first tries often are — but I think it passes.

For Godzilla’s spikes, I ended up freehanding a pattern. I chain-stitched 20 stitches in the grey yarn to form the base. For the spikes themselves, I used red yarn and repeated a pattern of double crochet and two slip stitches.

As Pinkie Pie before him, Little Godzilla is arm-less. Someday, after a bit more practice, I’m sure I will be able to retro-fit my little creatures with ambulatory limbs. Today is not the day.

All finished and ready for landfall! (Silly, I know, but Godzilla really did feel incomplete without a city to invade.)

~ by blackmoodcraft on December 18, 2014.

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