“Does Your Kaiju Make Too Much Noise?” Embroidered Pillow

Monster Christmas carries on with a kaiju multi-fandom mash-up craft for my friend, Matt. Shortly after Pacific Rim premiered, the casting of Charlie Day inspired a “Kaiju Mittens” meme that tumblr’s fan artists took to some truly wonderful conclusions. This was my attempt to do the same.

14-count blue Aida cross stitch cloth
Electric blue cotton embroidery floss
Medium navy cotton embroidery floss
Dark teal cotton embroidery floss
Turquoise cotton embroidery floss
Red cotton embroidery floss
Navy cotton thread
Scrap denim
Black damask ribbon
Sewing needle
Sewing scissors

For the kaiju, I decided to go with Otachi’s baby from the attack on Hong Kong — only two ambulatory limbs to design and easily distinguished red eyes. I studied the few front-facing images of the maquette I could find on Google Images, picked out a few details to highlight with the electric blue floss, and used the teal to contour limbs and facial features.

I used the turquoise floss to create the letters and used the template established by my Star Trek pillow to create the spacing between the letters, words, and center design.

Once the design was finished, I flipped both panels, face to face, seamed three of the four sides before flipping the pillow inside out and making it up along the bottom. That final seam was a bit of a dog’s breakfast (working with aida cloth that loves to fray against denim that also loves to fray can be tricky), but Matt seemed pleased with it anyway!

Happy Kaiju Holidays to us! What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on December 30, 2014.

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