“Shut it, Smegheads!” Embroidered Pillow

No time for belated annual retrospectives (not with family time done and the work week back in full-swing). There may be time for that later — I’m in the process of transitioning from a rather monstrous holiday season to what, for now, seems to be a new year full of potential that I’m reluctant to jinx with something as poisonous as inflated optimism. In the meantime, Red Dwarf‘s on, smegheads.

14-count antique white Aida cross stitch cloth
Red cotton embroidery floss
Yellow cotton embroidery floss
Dark green cotton embroidery floss
Light blue cotton embroidery floss
Maroon cotton embroidery floss
Black cotton embroidery floss
Tan cotton embroidery floss
Dark gray embroidery floss
Sewing needles
Sewing scissors
Scrap Denim
Black damask ribbon
White all-purpose cotton thread

Unlike his kaiju brother, the Red Dwarf design took no time at all to sketch out and conceive. While it’s difficult to find a good side view photo of the ship that’s been officially released by Grant/Naylor Productions (many of the screenshots are done in partial perspectives to give the audience a sense of the size of the ship (which is huge — credit where it’s due, our beloved red trashcan is bigger than all of the Enterprises). Fortunately, Dirk Loechel makes up amazing size comparison charts of our favorite starships and it was one of his charts that gave me the template for the old girl.

For Starbug and Blue Midget, I ended up free-handing designs based on the model images taken by Jack Wendt during series 8, working with minimal detail and colors. For most fandom projects, we want just enough detail that the hardcore fans will recognize what you’ve designed. I was probably most pleased that I was able to make Starbug recognizable using just a few stitches.

And it’s official — my friends’ mantel piece is 65 percent more nerdy. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on January 2, 2015.

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