Broomstick Lace Wristband with Buttons

Idle hands have been getting me down lately, so I opened up the internet and started searching for a new crochet project to try. I found a pattern for a broomstick lace scarf, loved the look (and the name!), and opted to scale it down a bit.

Red Heart Soft Waterscape acrylic yarn
Size J crochet hook
Improvised lace pin
1″ paint brush
Two 3/4″ unfinished wood buttons
Homemade wood stain
Aleene’s spray gloss finish
Sewing needles
Sewing scissors

As part of the scale down to wristband size, I reduced the base row of chain stitches from 26 to ten. Broomstick lace requires the crafter to pull stitches through and use a lace pin to make sure all of the loops are even. Because none of my knitting needles produced quite the size that I wanted for the stitches, I improvised a lace pin with a spork from Argo, sliding the stitches along to the widest part of the utensil and then using the straight end of my crochet hook to pull them all to the same length. (This took a couple of tries!)

The length of the broomstick lace stitches ended up being a little more than an inch long, with a border of three single crochet rows in between each (1/2″). I still had a small gap on the wrist band after four broomstick lace stitches and four interstitial borders, so I opted to do one more row of the broomstick stitches to create loops for the buttons.

For the buttons, I bought a bag of Creatology unfinished two-hole wood buttons of varying sizes. I used my homemade stain (made with french roast coffee, red wine, earl grey tea and vanilla extract with vodka as a preservative) to coat the buttons twice. Once dry, I applied two coats of Aleene acrylic spray sealer and gloss finish. After an hour had passed, I sewed them to the first border of the wrist band.

And there we have it! All finished and looks cute with 80 percent of my work outfits. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on February 22, 2015.

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