Things I’m learning while cross stitching…

– In a pinch, post-it notes are a decent facsimile for missing graph paper.

– Scotch tape is your best friend (for all those loose floss tails that haven’t been weaved in yet).

– Be prepared to alter course — because the stencil you sketch out unevenly on post-it notes will always look a little off on the Aida cloth.

– Be prepared to swap colors. Same reason.

~ by blackmoodcraft on February 25, 2015.

5 Responses to “Things I’m learning while cross stitching…”

  1. I always weave as I go. The old lady who taught me showed me everyone you switch colours or run out, just weave in the ends by threading them trough the backs of the stitches x

    • A lot of the crafting in my family skipped a generation, so I’m learning a lot of this on my own. And this particular design, I’ve been avoiding weaving the ends in because I’m also working on the design as I go and don’t know what I’m going to need to pull apart later. (So far, just one three-stitch detail has had to go, fingers crossed that nothing else does).

      • That’s a good way to do it actually. I made up a pattern the other day, really simple, just the face of baymax , luckily i managed to no make many mistakes and the ones I did make we’re easily covered so I didn’t need to undo, handy to know for the future though 🙂 good luck with your design x

  2. If you’re using two threads or four, STOP. Cut one thread that’s slightly longer, fold it in half. Thread the cut ends thru your needle. Start the first stitch and as you go back, slip the needle thru the loop that was left on the back side of the fabric. Halves your tails, looks neater and is flatter 🙂 hope that helps.

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